Bright, colorful dots are connected by lines to form the shape of the state of Texas to communicate the idea of human connections as it relates to the Virtual Big Texas Rally for Recovery. The theme this year is, "Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections." The virtual rally will be held September 17-19, 2020.

Since its inception in 2010, the Big Texas Rally for Recovery has been held in a Texas city where thousands of people come together to celebrate one another. Due to this year’s pandemic, we chose to transition to a “virtual” event and the theme could not complement our decision any better!  You don’t have to have an in-person event to “Celebrate Connections!”

The 2020 National Recovery Month theme, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections” reminds all who are in recovery, our families, allies, and those who support us, that today we all have victories to celebrate and will honor those connections this September 17 – 19.

A globe with various connections here is used to emphasize that the rally this year will be virtual.

THE VIRTUAL BIG TEXAS RALLY FOR RECOVERY will continue to educate Texans and promote substance use and mental health wellness and recovery. The effectiveness of treatment and recovery support services is evidence through the 22 million people in recovery in the U.S.  No one, regardless of race, creed, socio-economic status, or religion, has been unaffected COVID-19 and its physical, mental, and spiritual repercussions.  But, with strength and support from allies, community partners, treatment providers, advocates, families and all affected by behavioral health, we are resilient.

Through “Celebrating Connections,” we can work to reduce the stigma surrounding those with substance use or co-occurring disorders that challenge their efforts towards recovery. Texas Behavioral Health Communities and other health authorities recognize the remarkable impact that addressing stigma, silence, and shame will have through the effects of the Virtual Big Texas Rally for Recovery. This Rally will increase understanding of substance use and mental health challenges and encourage others to achieve recovery. Meeting people where they are and showing non-judgmental support can be the critical factor for a person to accept evidence-based treatment and supports. Positive messaging, tools, and supportive platforms can encourage healthy choices, and help those in need find support or help.

A bright, abstract icon featuring an eye to communicate awareness and recognition of the impact of stigma.
This heart created by dots connected together with lines is meant to communicate the importance of community support to recovery.

The Recovery Month observance reminds us that when we “Join the Voices of Recovery: Celebrating Connections” and share our personal accomplishments and struggles, we combat the stigmas that can impede the recovery journey and send a message to positively impact lives for the better.  Together, we will spread the message to people seeking recovery that “You are not alone; There is hope, help, and support available from others.”

The 2020 Recovery Month observance and theme, “Join the Voices of Recovery: Celebrating Connections” will work to inspire people across the country to recognize the strength and resilience of individuals living in recovery as well as to support those with substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders to consider seeking treatment.  We need to spread the message that help is effective and available and that healthy and rewarding lives are in reach.  Promoting the “r is for recovery” symbol will also help to spread a message that everyone can join together to proudly display their ‘r’ and share their recovery journey, knowing that our humanity is the cornerstone that connects us all.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information to inform future treatment and care options for individuals impacted by substance use. Please note that the information you share in the survey is anonymous and confidential, and individual results will not be published. This survey is completely voluntary and confidential. You are not required to provide your name or identifying information. Thank you for your participation.

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