The 2023 Big Texas Rally for Recovery (BTRR) will be held September 9, 2023 and be hosted in multiple local communities across the state.

2023 BTRR Affiliation & Sponsorship
Applications NOW OPEN!


OPTION 1: Apply for Both BTRR Affiliation & Sponsorship Funds


DUE DATE: JUNE 2, 2023


Need help defraying partial costs of the rally? Sponsorship funds are limited. The maximum sponsorship request amount is $14,900. Please consider your community’s existing resources carefully when determining amount to request. Completion of this application does not guarantee sponsorship award or the amount requested. We have 4 items to complete and submit.


OPTION 2: Application for BTRR Affiliation Without Sponsorship Funds


DUE DATE: JUNE 2, 2023


For those not needing sponsorship funds, we have an Overview of Local Rally Event & Affiliate Agreement Form to complete and submit.


How to Apply


Our 2023 BTRR Affiliation & Sponsorship Packet includes:


    • More information on instructions and selection criteria
    • Easy templates
    • Sample budget forms


If your community wishes to apply for BTRR Affiliation and apply for sponsorship funds, please complete and submit required documents on our Resources page.



Need Help Applying?


ARI will be hosting session available by request to help assist you with application requirements and any questions you may have. To request a 30-minute slot, please email with your preferred availability from now until June 2.

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Rally Attendance is Always Free!

Stay Tuned for information on how to register to a rally near you.


A Celebration of Recovery


For more than 30 years, during the month of September, communities, and local organizations from across the country host celebrations in honor of the National Recovery Month observation. These activities take many forms that bring public attention to recovery and challenge negative attitudes, stigma, and discrimination.


For more than a decade, a vital part of this tradition has included the Big Texas Rally for Recovery – a celebration for recovery of individuals, families, and entire communities across Texas. Read more »

The governor of Texas, mayor of Houston, and a Harris County judge have released proclamations to announce their support of the Virtual Big Texas Rally for Recovery and to declare September Recovery Month!

Proclamation released by Governor Greg Abbott

Proclamation released by Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston

Proclamation released by Judge Lina Hidalgo of Harris County

Last year was held in 6 cities all over Texas:

Huge THANK YOU to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Peer and Recovery Services Unit for their contributions to each of these 6 rallies!