Learn What it Takes to Become a BTRR Affiliate Organization!


Local BTRR Affiliate Commitments

  • Recruit partners from your substance use and mental health recovery communities, wider social networks and community partners to collaborate to host local rally
  • Create a planning committee
  • Establish a place and time for local rally and determine rally components
  • Utilize Big Texas Rally for Recovery marketing materials and branding
  • Share updated Big Texas Rally for Recovery plans for your community with statewide planning committee
  • Participate (if possible) in shared event date agreed upon by statewide planning committee in September, 2024.

2024 Applications



If you are interested in applying to host a rally and become a 2024 BTRR Affiliate Organization, please submit the documents noted below by January 25, 2024 via email to Link to documents packet is below.


OPTION 1: Application for BTRR Affiliation and Sponsorship Funds

DUE DATE: January 25, 2024



  • Overview of Local Rally Event Form/Affiliate Agreement
  • Letter of Commitment by Fiscal Agent
  • Narrative Description of Local Rally
  • Budget and Sponsorship Request Form

Sponsorship Information – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:


Maximum sponsorship request amount is $12,900.00. Sponsorship funding is administered by the University of Texas Austin Addiction Research Institute and provided by Texas Health and Human Services. Sponsorship funds are limited. Please consider your community’s existing resources carefully when determining amount to request. Completion of this application does not guarantee sponsorship award or the amount requested. Sponsorship selections will be made by University of Texas Addiction Research Institute and guided by evaluation criteria available in the instructions and criteria document.



OPTION 2: Application for BTRR Affiliation without Sponsorship Funds.

DUE DATE: January 25, 2024



  • Overview of Local Rally Event Form/Affiliate Agreement

The 2024 BTRR Affiliation & Sponsorship Packet includes the following documents:

  • BTRR Affiliate Application Instructions & Selection Criteria
  • BTRR Affiliate Application Overview of Local Rally Event
  • BTRR Fiscal Agent Letter of Commitment Template
  • BTTR Affiliate Application Narrative Description (with questions)
  • BTRR Affiliate Application Budget & Sponsorship Request Template
  • Sample Budget

Download the BTRR Affiliation & Sponsorship Packet ZIP file »

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