Video Submission


Submission deadline – Saturday, August 15th


Connect with us by recording a 15-second video for the Virtual Big Texas Rally for Recovery that tells your story.

Video Submission Tips

We’ve compiled some on-camera recording tips to help your video shine!

  • Position your camera, web camera, or phone so your video appears horizontally, or in landscape mode
  • Position your light source in front of you, avoid having it shine brightly behind you
  • Avoid positioning your camera lens higher than your hairline, aim for at or slightly above eye level
  • Position your camera lens far enough away to capture your entire face and shoulders, with some room to spare
  • If you are standing, avoid shifting your weight back and forth—try one foot out in front of you
  • If you are seated, and your chair moves, avoid swiveling from side to side
  • If you are seated, sit up straight
  • If you naturally gesture, or talk with your hands, feel free to do so
  • Avoid recording yourself in front of a busy or cluttered background
  • Be aware of any background noise while recording
  • Have water nearby, in case you get a dry mouth
  • Try to relax and make sure you’re breathing at your normal pace before recording.
  • Do a test video and practice with your setup
  • Make eye contact and smile
  • Have fun!

When you’re done recording, upload your video to Dropbox.